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How to pull the on going cycling shorts trend for plus size women?

I know that cycling shorts are knee above but there are cycling shorts which 3/4 and can work perfectly on your body type. Cycling shorts with blazer is an on going trend. Which is becoming famous among the influencers across the world. To be honest I never ever in my whole life I thought I will be able to pull this off. Well to be honest I am pear shaped women and the attention on my body goes to my thighs and bum diggy bums 😂.

 I got this shorts from jockey. In my mind I thought let's try this new trend. I got this blazer from sarojni market and you wouldn't believe at what price I got it for, well let me keep it in the surprise store for you, For my next sarojni haul blog post.

Lots of my inspiration comes from magazines and Pinterest... Which makes my mind more curious to try them on my body type and I get to know if I can or cannot pull this off.
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