How To Use Your Clothes in new ways? Episode 2

Hi lovelies,
When I was in school, I had to wear this grey pants. I hated it. In winters we have to wear them with maroon sweater. Well maroon and blue( sky blue color, as known to many)was the color of our school. My school is M. G. D it's a complete girls School in Jaipur. It's an awesome school with some shitty people on it(not all just some). I met some best crazy souls who are   still my best friends though we are far off we do get in touch once in a while. The funny part is, I never thought I will ever wear it again. I took it up as a challenge to style it up. You see its easy to shop new clothes and style them up together But it needs a crazy imaginative creative ass like me to work with what the fish I have.

Outfit: wore my school grey pants with black mesh crop top with Brallete inside it. On above all this, I wore a blazer to give that girl boss look. Shoes are from forever glam. I love the look of it. It is pointed and has cute ruffles on it. My vintage look pink  bag I got it from fancy market. Go check out what Pongkhi wore.

Location: This is the interesting part Debashree (my lovely photographer ❤ without whom this shoot was impossible), Pongkhi and me wanted to do another shoot. I had this idea to do a shoot in super market. I shared that idea with her and guess what in mind this was an idea she wanted to work on. Looks like we were meant to do this together. So I went to the supermarket Nayantra( it's in Sixmile) and took permission from the owner. Who was really sweet enough to let us work our magic there. So I am glad that everything worked out well. I love the pictures because yes it's done by Debashree.

So that's it for now read my next episode which will Coome out soon.

Thank you for reading xoxo

Photocredit : Debashree Das


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