How To Use Your Old Clothes In New Ways: episode 1

Ever thought about reusing your old clothes in new ways? Adding them to your wardrobe by revamping it?...confused?
Let me clear it out. The clothes we wear are given away to thrift shops or vintage shops like sarojni market in Delhi or in fancy market in Guwahati. But not all of them are picked up by the retailers. Maximum of our clothes get rejected. Either the fabric is too torn out or its in no good position to be sell able. According to the Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) 84% of unwanted clothes are thrown away in landfill. Now what happens is, all the material which are made of polyester or any other man made fibre are non biodegradable. Which means it destroys the fertility of land. The fabric which are made up of natural fibre also goes through lots of chemical changes. Now this clothes in landfill produces potent greenhouse gas methane which cause global warming. With fast fashion speeding up trends and shortening seasons it's harmful effects are growing. Being a shopping lover and fashion lover it's difficult for us to completely not shop, but you know won't it be cooler to use your clothes in new ways and make your look unique ofcourse with the new ones. Now we can't stop ourself from purchasing new clothes right?  But we can reduce it a bit and mix it up with our old ones.

What we can do :
* DIY. Make some cool diy.
* Use you clothes on new ways.
* Donate your old clothes.
* exchange your clothes with your friends.
* Buy organic clothes more.
* Buy from thrift shop or vintage shops.

So here I am wearing my very old grey t-shirt as skirt. The neckline was off shoulder
 and it fit perfectly on my waist. I tucked the sleeves in and it became like pockets. Giving a cowl effect on sides. I wore my teel shade stockings which I bought from fancy market. The beautiful black and white polka dotted top with assymetrical lined is from @thebitshop. It's a shop i found in instagram.  They have cool items there.  Some of their items are exclusive vintage. The whole idea of the shoot was to give a glamorous 90s touch. So haven't I made my old t-shirt look glamorous with this classic piece from @thebitshop?  Comment down below.

And I can't help but to buy this gorgeous pair of turquoise earings from pantaloons.. It gives the look more edge.

Photocredit by : Debashree Das

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By lovecurvyme


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