Hey lovelies,

I have been thinking of bringing my A game in blogging. Scrolling down on Instagram. I landed up to @manrepeller. A website page where all the mix match and crazily awesome women are under one roof. I have been following them since 2015. They have been an inspiration for me. I love their crazy ideas in styling. The quirky looks they come up with excites me to experiment with my version of styling. I saw there look and got inspired by it. I came up with my version of it.

Leisure is something which you can be comfortable in and also glam it up by adding on those gorgeous jewels you have inside your wardrobe. Rihana brought this trend in november 2017 for vogue paris.

WHAT I WORE: so I wore this blue bathrobe with my silver junk jewelleries with my cigaratte in between my fingers and vogue in hand. To give a more edge look I wore sunglasses from ray ban.

So how to have an amazing relaxing bath leisure?

1. Wear you favorite bath robe or your towel and wrap around your lovely body.

2. Wear your favorite pieces of jewellery that make you feel like queen.

3. Take a glass of wine or in my case I took a cigaratte and light it up.. If you don't have any of this bad habits. Than don't take it. Its optional.. Light some candles if you can than.

4. Take a vogue magazine(or any magazine or book you love to read).

5. Take a chic sunglasses to give that edge look.

6. Relax in the tub with warm water and enjoy the moment.

Tip* Tie a sexy belt around your bathrobe 

If you are fat, dark, short or anything that makes you misfit. Than congrats you are beautiful piece of unique unicorn... Who with little guidance can blossom like a beautiful lotus.
 Thank you
That's it for today love you all

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