Wearing a SUMO...

Being fair & fat, I was often name called as a sumo wrestler, though most of it was due to the fact that my face resembled a Mongoloid. Even then I never liked being associated with the tag and I hated my body for being fat and ugly. Later when I grew up I realized that people make fun of others so that they could feel superior.

There was this body-shaming meme on Facebook where a picture of a dark obese woman was linked next to 'shaadi karungi toh kisi Ravi seh". Yes, people did acknowledge it with their reactions through likes and comments, making fun of that woman in the process. People forget the fact that no one in this whole wide world is perfect, some might look pretty while some would be good at a lot many other things. So, stop body-shaming.

I got this cotton fabric from Fancy Market as soon as I saw this sumo print on it. I guess a little bit of past just seeped right back in a rather humorous way when I made my way to buy this fabric. I did talk about it in my earlier post showing the details of it. This time I am wearing and styling it simply. I wore a golden neck piece with my black Oxford shoes. I took these pictures at the Science Museum, which looked petty good for a stroll. The print is quirky and stylish. Let there be a little smile on the people looking at it.

.............The pocket detail

..... The neckpiece

Photographer: Chapmak Das
Dress: Designed by me
Shoes: Honey
Neckpiece: Tribal


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