The Story of Seaweed Dress

Dear Curvies,

   As I was cleaning my wardrobe, I found my old seaweed dress from a boutique name " Body Basic" situated in Christian Basti, Guwahati. The store is no more now. It converted into other stores. The story of this dress is that it was gifted by my sister and friend Sarah on my birthday that is 23rd August 2011, so yeah its 6 years old. It's amazing that how I could keep something for too long and use it again and again in a creative way. Guess we all should try doing it you never know what results come out. I believe with one piece you can create lots of styles.

You all might have seen my earlier post about this camouflage shirt. I wore it like a skirt with my "Style is Salvation" t-shirt. Now I am wearing it like a shrug on top of my "Seaweed" dress.
On the bottom, I wore it with "Teal" colored stockings which I got it from Glam diva another amazing store in Dona Planet which got shut down I wonder why? 🙄

 The shoes are from honey. I like it because it has black snake texture. The metal feather was also a gift from my sister Oshin on Christmas. She has a good taste of style junks. Basically, I have mixed oldies with newbies.

Now let's talk about the location. You all will be surprised that I chose "Science Museum" as my location. I loved the green tomb shaped cage where the birds were kept. The background of it is really amazing. I love it how it all came together. My photographer thought I was being silly. But then it's me who love to see beauty in everything. They say I have weird but beautiful creative mind. This post has come to an end. Stay tuned for my next post on Wednesday.
Photo credit: Chumpak Das

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