The story of my camouflage shirt

Dear curvies

Today i m wearing a camouflage shirt as a skirt. I always doubted myself on wearing it. Will it make me look more fat? Will it not look good on me as it is looking good on other bloggers or you tubers? These are the questions i always had in my mind when i thought about wearing it this way...but I got to try it to get the answer thats what i told to myself. So i tried my white shirt first.  Some how it didnt look good on me. Than i gave my camouflage shirt a try n vaalahh!!!!

It looks good :) . The shirt some how has hidden a bit of my heavy thighs 😛. The thing is i discovered that u got to know which size fits u excatly. Not too large will look good on you nor too tight you just have to wear it in your right fit size. I wore it with my tshirt which i got it from shillong police bazaar. So m happy that i have discovered one more way to weirdly dressup good. I took the picture myself. So it was a self potrait shoot. Which was quite hard working but it turn out to be goooodddd. I will try on more crazy style on my lovely curvy body.

Ps: From now on every wednesday n sunday  i will post on my blog so stay tune for more.

Thank you
 Happy Diwali 😘💓


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