Dear curvies

All individual is different that’s the reality. We are different people with different color, shape, interest, personality and the words goes on and on that doesn’t make us not worth it does it? We became invisible in the harsh words of society. We lost all the respect and love for our own self too. We got to stop it and stand up and believe in ourselves. We got to sparkle with our charm and may I say it’s time to be visible. 

Things are changing now and Malia Indigo has come up to help us with a platform than showcase our work and talent to the world. Malia Indigo opened up a plus size directory for all the plus size fashion profession after she herself faced the barrier for plus size models. She understood the lack of opportunity for us in this fashion industry. She created a platform for the growth of all professionals in plus size fashion, where they facilitate the professional for promotions and access to them. Their goal is to get designers, models, bloggers, MUA, photographers, fashion brands all connected under the same roof. This would also make us aware of people who stand with us.

You can visit their website https://www.maliaindigo.com and
 Sign in to be your own agent, to connect t with other proffesionals and can contact from outside (be reachable) and also be listed on an international directory. The better you market your creations and products, the easier you get market. 

On 15th of May 2017 

They launched a campaign #plusvibility. It was a campaign to demonstrate the positive impact when we all plus size people from different professions come together as complementary community. We all too have talent and Malia Indigo is making a change by making us visible, by this #plusvisiblity campaign they shown that its time for us too shine and show the firework that’s within us. In this campaign all the professionals in plus size fashion industry like MUA, models, bloggers, fashion brands, photographers, designers working as team and each component providing his/her expertise. We too have dream, we do exist, we want to be seen, and we want to be recognize we want to be visible.

The shoot was in Toronto (Canada). Malia Indigo (owner), Sheila Lopez from us , Ophillia Alleyne, Pascale Ramalingum, Elizabeth Ankomah, Sirene Qureshi,Susan Tamashi from Canada are some models who took part in it.
Artista. Active Wear from US was the clothing brand that supported in this campaign. Beautiful jewelries were from Suzyqjewels & Frualdivas. Makeup by Facesbychenelle and Stylelady4ever.

Be your own agent. Be reachable. Be visible.

Join it now
Instagram: @maliaindigotheplus
Facebook: @maliaindigotheplus
Twitter: @maliaindigo

Being a part of it and I am very much glad about IT even though I could not be present in the campaign myself. But here are some images and videos from the campaign.Thank you for reading you have a nice day and do join it now, because to show the world what you are worth of.



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