The Orange and Grey Story


Sitting in the beautiful 11th Avenue cafe situated in beautiful view of Dighalipukhuri (meaning long lake in Assamese) in Guwahati,Assam. Sipping the orange juice and wondering about life. All the grey mistakes I did in the past and how I overcome them. All the brutal comments, all the swearing words that were tagged to my body and how i let them make me grey. Passing all the grey clouds. I can finally see that sun is rising. Saying that it’s a beautiful day and you are beautiful too. Beautiful because you stood up for what u believe, beautiful because I m growing my own prosperity and beautiful because every day you give love to the people who are world to you. It’s a beautiful day each day and grey clouds will come and go in your life, but u got to stand tall and love your self. Remember after grey comes the orange sun. 

love and flaunt your curves. wear according to your body not according to dress. here i m wearing an off shoulder floral top with black Palazzo. covered up with this grey long shrug which i got from Myntra i just love it. that's it for now hope to post next post soon xoxo 

        LOVE MY HAIRCUT :)

                           CHOKER- TRIBAL(PANTALOONS GUWAHATI)
                            EARRING- AYESHA (SHOP IN GUWAHATI)


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