The spring is here.  Blooming all kind of flowers one can think off. Today I choose to post about my Global Desi mustard dress. The beautiful floral mustard dress that I never got a chance to flaunt. Its Georgette fabric on my beige skin feels light and whiskery. I feel free, like a bird wondering around the land that is full of flowers of different colours and shape and sizes, Rivers that don’t stop pouring love and land which is filled with kindness and prosperity.  The pouring of drops of golden sun made my skin glow. It glows like a candle in the day of the darkness. I m so filled with gold of positive mind, soul and body. No unwanted tags of the evil taggers can nudge me. This is the story of my mustard dress what’s yours story dress for this spring season write me about it, on the comment below. You can even put link of your blog or Instagram page and I will follow.  Signing out xoxo 
Photographer Chumpak Das


  1. I *love* this dress--the color is perfect and the print outstanding! You look wonderful--I hope the day was as lovely as you are.

    1. Thank you dear I hope you do like other post as well


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