The budget shopper

I bought this grey jumpsuit from liva...I m so loving it...its comfy n reasonable price...I have always been a budget shopper so I do invest my money on quality not quantity..
Here are some tips for budget shoppers:
♥Always buy stuff at January n July that the ending of the season so u get stuff in half the price(in some store more than half price)..
♥ Invest on good quality things so that u dont have to buy the same stuff again n again
♥ when u buy something keep this question in mind what you already have in your wardrobe? and can you wear it with what you already have?
This are some of the tips for the budget shoppers. I hope u liking my blog. Do tell me if u want me to post regarding to anything related to fashion or women daily life hacks n I will surely fulfill your request..
Photo credit: manas bhaishya


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