Ever since i have watched poison ivy movie, I so wanted to style me up with that look. The movie is about how a normal girl becomes so dark n evil because of the circumstances that take place in her life. we should have dark part in our life,  not to become evil but to scare away those who turn us into one of them. DREW BARRYMORE has done amazing job in its 1st part there are 4 parts. I liked the 1st one the best.


Anyways the news is 90's are back and i m a 90's child choker is back ....n i m loving the trend. Guess what i m wearing a crop top yup a plus-sizer like me is wearing crop top. The trick is wear it with high waist skirt or pants i wore it with palazzo.
so all the curvys out there start with your experiments and do write me back or u can send me your styled up pick n i will definitely upload it on my blog. ThanX for reading.

photo credit : manas bhaisya


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