Askme foodies meet up

Curvies and foodie. Its amazing how you get recognised by your blog and people coming upto you, telling how they loved your blog. It really inspired me more and more to write my blog. By thrusday I was wondering does anyone in this planet is reading my blog?. On friday I got a message by shishir aka guwahati foodie that as I m a blogger n foodie too, I should register myself for foodies meet up happening in guwahati for the first time. I was excited so I did my registeration. Got my invite. On sunday at Hotel Brahmaputra Ashoka( silver street), I reached the venue and I was stunt by the arrangements, delicious food we were served and the amazingly refreshing mocktails(god I still cant forget the cranberry mocktail). We were all  foodies out there so we were not at all ashamed of hogging (hahaha). We discussed about assamesse cuisine, bartender making mocktails, chefs telling us how one can garnish and cherry on the top we got goodies from most amazing thing that happened to me was people appreciating my blog. I was surprised, this motivates me more and more to write about food, fashion and travel. All thanx to guwahati foodie for giving me this opportunity. Lastly I also want to thank Askme for making this amazing event happend in guwahati and helping us to discover more food joints in guwahati.


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