The basic The floral dress part 2


Hi...curvies out there, how is your week going on mine is great as Bihu is here.
Bihu is the festival of Assam. We celebrate new year on this days. We dance,eat and celebrate on this beautiful day.
So now lets talk about my outfit I wore the floral dress as a top adding bolero jacket and white Palazzo pants with my beige flats and my pastel pink back.
The outfit is great for work as its classy and comfortable. Its funny how I look so serious with the glasses on I look so nerdy. The trick to this is fold the hemline of the dress and tuck it in. That's all for today next post will be soon till than take care I am signing off

Nerdy me with orange frame glasses

The print on white palazzo pants is what I love about it. 

 My crazy pose lol 

Photo credit goes to TILAK BORA
            AND  DHIRU



  1. Hey Priyanka,
    Love the blog. Love the colours. Great job. Looking forward to more.
    Lots of love

  2. Thank you harshlata ♥♥♥♥ U


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