Floral dress into skirt

Its amazingly surprises me how we can wear the same dress for a week. This was a challenge by my friend n I did complete it with my third and final look with the floral dress. My mom did notice that I was wearing the same dress over n over again for the shoot, she thought I was crazy :p . Though I m preety sure I am a bit. Anyways this time my dress isnt dress here its a skirt here. The trick is to wear the same sleeve lenght top as of your dress and my advice is to wear a top which is plain and fits to your upper body. Do highlight your waist with a belt i tight a knot because my top is a bit different which you will get to know in my other posts. When you highlight your waist, your waist looks  thinner than your bust and hips. Which gives a slimmer and  classic look.This look is perfect for a date with your lover.so go on and have some fun out there....Thats all for today's post,
I got to go adios and keep calm and wait for my next post.
Priyanka devi


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